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how the fuck are republicans suing President Barack Obama over constitutional rights???


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THIS IS SUCH A FUCKING THING! The blatant racism is actually unbelievable.

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Anonymous: I do understand what youre implying and you are correct that in the worst of times, most people only rise to meet their challenges, but being that you do live in NYC you must also know immigration is only half the problem. As you also come from a family of immigrants, you understand the many uncertainties that are faced, and how some people never seem to get out. Thank you for listening to my opinion and for showing a bit more open-ness to it.

Absolutely, I see what you are trying to say. I do agree that there are circumstances where too many things are stacked against a person or family which makes it almost impossible to break through to something better. That being said, I still believe that educated choices early in life can absolutely ensure an easier life in the long run. I do accept that making smart choices as a teenager is a lot to ask from most people, especially those without solid parental figures so a lot of people dont realize how important education is until it’s very far down the road. 

Anonymous: You still don't know whether the choice to have children actually fell in her hands, or in the hands of someone else... You don't know if she's actually taking care of her younger siblings... It is not just her life that is hard, but it does put into perspective how wrong your country is as to how its handling its immigration problem. As for being educated enough not to work a minimum wage job, there are those with college degrees and no job. Are they also not educated enough?

I live in New York City so yes you are correct, this country is wrong in how it’s handling its immigration problem. But to be quite honest with you, coming from an immigrant family who’s had to fight for every little thing i can tell you where there is a will there most certainly is a way. I’ve seen people from the worst circumstances rise from it. it might take them some time and some grinding but they eventually overcome the difficulties put in their path. That is why i believe raising minimum wage isnt the answer that a lot of people think it is. I hate the republic rhetoric but I do believe that hardship motivates people to progress. Smart decisions & hard work. 

Anonymous: I thought America was the land of the free as, in whomever has a choice as to how they handle their own personal affairs. In your opinion, you blame this lady for having kids because she worked at a McDonalds, you claim she didnt even try to move on to better things, yet you still really do not know anything about her story. "Why should a company increase their minimum wage...?" The minimum wage was established to make sure people didnt live in poverty, which obviously this lady does.

What is it that I should know about her story anon? In totality, her story will read “my life was hard” but was not mine? Or the millions of immigrant childrens? Having children is first and foremost a FINANCIAL responsibility, one that Mcdonalds or any other corp doesnt have to consider. The fiscal responsibility lies with the person bearing the child. If you struggle to support yourself on minimum wage, why bring children into this world? The question would be easily resolved if people were more educated…in all things. Educated in general to not have to work minimum wage, educated in their sexual activity to not have unplanned children, educated in the economics of being an adult with responsibilities. McDonalds provides the job it abides by the laws in the states where it operates regarding minimum wage, what more should a corporation do for those that cant do for themselves?

"Let’s be the same wound if we must bleed.
Let’s fight side by side, even if the enemy
is ourselves: I am yours, you are mine."

Tommy Olofsson, Sweden. (via queencersei)

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